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Sell Laptop Memory to Us

We buy laptop memory in bulk from recyclers, stocking distributors, refurbishers, brokers, memory companies and individuals, offering the best prices in exchange for your used laptop RAM.

We buy a full range of second hand laptop RAM including ECC laptop RAM, PC3L-12800, PC3-8500 and PC2-6400. If you are not sure what you have, we provide consignment services whereby you can ship your old laptop memory to us and we will sort it, then directly transfer you the money in exchange.

We only sell wholesale to companies that buy our refurbished laptop memory in bulk quantities as we are interested in establishing long term relationships rather than one-time customers, but, of course, you have to start somewhere.

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    Upgrade Laptop RAM with our Refurbished Laptop Memory

    All used laptop memory we buy undergoes a rigorous testing procedure, carried out in accordance with industry-leading standards, to ensure all the laptop memory we sell is high-quality and reliable.

    As our refurbished laptop memory such as DDR1, DDR2, DDR3 and DDR4 laptop RAM delivers the same high-performance synonymous with big brands such as Hynix, Micron and Samsung, you can successfully increase the performance of your laptop but at a significantly reduced price point.

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    Install More Memory to Improve Laptop Performance

    Every application you run on your laptop requires memory. The more applications you have running at any given time, such as browsing the internet, downloading images or editing a document, the more strain is put on your computer’s memory resources. By installing our high-density modules in each memory slot, this will boost the memory capabilities of your laptop and enable seamless multitasking. So everything from loading applications, editing a spreadsheet to browsing the Web can be carried out much more quickly, simply by increasing your laptop RAM.

    Contact us today for a FREE QUOTE either for your used laptop memory or a quote for some of our quality refurbished laptop RAM.

    We Stock the Biggest Laptop Memory Brands Including:

    • Qimonda

    • Crucial

    • Elpida

    • Hynix

    • Infineon

    • Kingston

    • Micron

    • Nanya

    • Samsung

    • IBM

    • Dell

    • Cisco

    • Sun

    • Mac

    • HP

    • Lenovo

    We stock a full range of DDR1, DDR2, DDR3 and DDR4 refurbished laptop memory.

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    We Sell a Full Range of Laptop Memory Including:

    4GB DDR3

    2GB DDR3

    2GB DDR2

    1GB DDR3