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Ship Your PC Desktop RAM, Laptop RAM & Server RAM to us!

Our ‘brick box suspension’ method is a fast, simple and secure way to ship your server RAM, PC desktop RAM and laptop RAM safely to us.

Line Up Memory Modules

Line Up Memory Modules

Line up memory modules in a bag and tape securely closed to make a ‘brick’ bag.

Make Full Bags

Make Full Bags

Make as many full bags of memory as possible.

Stack The Brick Bags

Stack The Brick Bags

Inside a small box (12”x 12” x 12” box shown) and keep it tight by filling voids using bubble wrap or foam to ensure the bags don’t move around. Then seal the box, preparing it to be suspended inside a larger box. This inner box should not weigh more than 45lbs.

Prepare A Larger Box

Prepare A Larger Box

Prepare a larger box (16” x 16” x 16” box shown) to receive the brick box. Be sure to pad the bottom well to protect the inner box from gravity impact.

Place Inside Larger Box

Place Inside Larger Box

Place the brick box inside the larger box. Make sure there is at least two inches of cushioning material on the bottom and all around.

Seal The Outer Box

Seal The Outer Box

Once you have suspended the brick box with sufficient padding, pad the top and seal the outer box.

Stockists of the Biggest Memory Brands Including:

  • Qimonda

  • Crucial

  • Elpida

  • Hynix

  • Infineon

  • Kingston

  • Micron

  • Nanya

  • Samsung

  • IBM

  • Dell

  • Cisco

  • Sun

  • Mac

  • HP

  • Lenovo

We stock a full range of DDR1, DDR2, DDR3 and DDR4 refurbished laptop memory.

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