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Sell used RAM including server RAM, PC desktop RAM and Laptop RAM

We offer the best prices in exchange for old, surplus or used laptop, server and PC desktop memory, so you could make a significant profit from your unwanted tech.

We buy a full range of memory types including DDR4 laptop RAM, 32GB desktop RAM, ECC server memory and much more!

Our Sort and Settle Process is Simple:

  • You send us your used memory to be sorted.

  • We sort and test the memory and provide full test reports.

  • We transfer the money directly into your account. It’s as easy as that!

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    Sell Old Memory – We Offer the Best Prices!

    We buy used memory in bulk from recyclers, stocking distributors, refurbishers, brokers, memory companies as well as from individuals. We offer a consignment service, whereby we will ‘sort and settle’ any memory parts that are consigned to us.

    Our process is simple, you ship us the memory and we will then sort and test the memory, provide full reports and then directly transfer you the money.

    This is the perfect solution for companies who are unsure of exactly what memory they have to sell and who also don’t have time to sort through all their memory- we will do all this for you, for free!

    Why Sell Surplus RAM to Memory Dogg?

    • We offer the best prices in exchange for your old PC desktop, server and laptop memory

    • We will sort, test and provide full reports of your memory, for free!

    • We provide fast turn-around times, as fast as 1 business day

    • We buy all memory types, all memory brands and all memory conditions

    • We buy in bulk, so the more memory you have, the more money you will make
    • We have over 15 years experience

    If you are looking to upgrade the memory in your Laptop, PC desktop or server, then instead of just throwing away your old memory, sell it to us and make money! Contact us today for a FREE QUOTE either for your used memory, or a quote for some of our quality refurbished RAM.

    We Stock the Biggest Laptop, PC and Server Memory Brands Including:

    • Qimonda

    • Crucial

    • Elpida

    • Hynix

    • Infineon

    • Kingston

    • Micron

    • Nanya

    • Samsung

    • IBM

    • Dell

    • Cisco

    • Sun

    • Mac

    • HP

    • Lenovo

    Our ‘Sort and Settle’ service makes selling your unwanted memory easy!

    Contact Us Today!